Turbo Repair Process

The Turbo Repair Process

Turbo Exchange have an exceptional turbo repairs department. Our Qualified experts are available to help at any time! Turbochargers are our speciality!

It is important to note that not all turbochargers are repairable. Many might claim this not to be the case but the risk in repairing turbochargers far outweighs and price advantage gained. Turbocharger such as BorgWarner VGT (Variable Turbine Technology), Holsets VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger), Garrett VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine), IHI VG (Variable Geometry) have highly complex design which make it impossible to remanufacture with any degree of reliability. To this end none of the major manufacturers make component parts available to aftermarket and no official repair specification is available. Our turbo repair and remanufacture program is specifically for those turbochargers that are repairable. You can be confident that when we repair or supply a service exchange turbocharger you will enjoy a full service life due to the same quality, specifications and settings being the same as the original turbocharger.

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50 Point Quality Check List

Each and every turbo repaired by Turbo Exchange is subjected this check list.


√    Compressor inlet, outlet flanges
√    Bearing housing, backplate mating surface
√    Contour free of gouges
√    Compress wheel to housing contour tolerance
√    Noise baffle secure and free of debris
√    Annual slot free of debris


√    Blades free of bends or fractures
√    Rubbing or foreign object induced damage on blade profile
√    Bore area tolerance and finish
√    Nose cone and backface square
√    Back face, balance or wear defects


√    All thrust faces free of wear
√    Square of all surfaces
√    Piston ring groove and flinger groove
√    Piston ring to groove tolerance
√    Bore to shaft tolerance


√    Wheel blades for fractures or blade defection
√    Heat erosion on blade tips
√    Shaft journal surfaces
√    Bearing to journal tolerance
√    Piston ring seal area and flinger groove
√    Piston ring to groove tolerance
√    Shaft run-out
√    Shaft wheel balance
√    The square of shaft-step-down and threads


√    Mating and clampindg surfaces
√    Piston ring bore and thrust surface
√    Seal ring to bore tolenances


√    Radial and Axial clearance
√    Freedom of rotation
√    Housing alignment
√    Wastegate setting
√    Gasket and studs
√    Sundry items


√    All mating surfaces
√    Bearing bore surface
√    Bearing to journal tolerance
√    Piston ring seal area and ring tolerance
√    Oil feed and drain flanges and threads
√    Water feed and drain threads


√    Slip joint or flange mating surfaces
√    Heat shield & centre housing mating surfaces
√    Scroul and contour crack free
√    Free of heat erosion and scale
√    Threads, studs and clamping surfaces
√    Convolute free of foreign objects


√    Dynamic, static balance and VSR testing
√    Run out